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  1. Hello, all!

    I am applying for the graduate entry level CNM program at Vanderbilt to begin next fall 2012. I have scoured the forums here for information on what will help me stand out on the application. It seems that everyone who has been accepted into the program has an "it" factor: i.e. is a doula, has worked in maternity in an underdeveloped country, etc.

    I have no previous exposure in labor and delivery other than the mounds of books I have read and the movies and documentaries I have watched (and my 1 day shadowing an OB/GYN 7 years ago haha). I certainly have a passion for the field of midwifery, I just have not outwardly had the time or finances to delve into it! I am currently working as a PCA on a med/surg floor of a hospital and I am starting the self-paced (aka: long) path to be a doula.

    Does anyone who has applied, or is in the program, have any advice on this? Are people accepted into the CNM specialty that do not have previous experience other than passion? I don't want my application to get lost in the shuffle simply because I don't have direct experience, because I am definitely not lacking the drive to do this as a career!

    Thanks in advance, and have a happy day!
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  3. by   danceluver
    I don't think direct entry programs, especially schools like Vandy expect the typical applicant to have experience in labor and delivery simply because certifications/training is req. However you are on the right track (videos, shadowing, etc). Just let your heart shine through on your essay and be specific! Good luck!