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  1. After four months I was finally offered a position at my local VA working as a primary care NP. I have been a nurse since 1992 and in advanced practice since mid 2012. They offered me a level 2 step 6 which translates into a salary of $80,100 annually. I have student loans I am trying to pay off and this salary will make things very tight financially. I have tried an appeal however the review of my peers will not reconsider the offer. Any advice as to whether I should still pursue this offer and maybe try to work a second job to help financially? IS it worth it for the pension?
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    It's real hard to argue with that kind of pension

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  4. by   DuhLee
    I have applied to but have not heard from them yet. Where are you located if I might ask. Is salary different in every place? That is low ...