UNTHSC (Fort Worth) vs UTHSC at Houston for MPH/FNP UNTHSC (Fort Worth) vs UTHSC at Houston for MPH/FNP | allnurses

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UNTHSC (Fort Worth) vs UTHSC at Houston for MPH/FNP

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    I've been accepted to the University of North Texas Health Science Center (Fort Worth) [UNTHSC] and the University of Texas at Houston ( UTHSC) , to do an MPH (I also want to do a dual degree: MPH/FNP). U. Of North Texas does its FNP in collaboration with U. of TX at Arlington (meaning a commute to Arlington from Fort Worth), while UTHSC does it on campus. I was wondering if any of you had heard good or bad things about either programs and which of the two would you recommend. I'm just torn between the two programs and any input is greatly appreciated.
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    I had some friends who took the MPH program at UNTHSC while waiting to get into the medical school; there were no real complaints aside from the inevitable boredom that came with epidemiology, etc. (I took the class, too, and it was a snoozer lol).

    The school does have its problems: a major problem of faculty having relationships with students (rather openly), and politics.