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    Hi All,

    Has anyone attended University of North Dakota's online MSN FNP program?
    I see on their website they are CCNE accredited, reasonably priced and only require 2 one week sessions on campus.

    No GRE is required.

    I'm leaning towards Univ of S Alabama (online), Kennesaw State (bricks and mortar) or UAB (online).

    I'm still doing my research and this website is how I learned about the BSN program I am completing right now.
    Any info would be appreciated.


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    I am curious as to which BSN you're completing??? I need to complete that prior to applying to the NP program. I too have been looking at various NP programs. I do know from talking with a FNP recently that Univ of ND is an excellent program. I would call them and discuss the program. I believe they're going to a DNP curriculum fall 2012. That might help you narrow down your selection. Good luck to you!

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