U of Washington, Seattle or Rush U, Chicago?

  1. 0 UW or Rush? Which school would you choose if you were accepted to both of their DNP programs, and why? Any subjective/objective insights will be very much appreciated.
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    UW is #1 nursing school, #1 in primary care medicine (medical school), and comes in top 5 PA school. Their instructors are fabulous with lots of experience in what they do..+ they have tons of clinical places to chose from. You dont have to find your clinicals...they find for you. At the end of DNP program you have to pass a DNP exit exam which drills you to prepare for national board license exam. Seattle is gloomy, rainy, overcast weather, rains a lot but a vibrant city. May-Sep is beautiful summer with occasional showers. People here thrive in coffee culture...lots of local cafes & some big ones like starbucks, seattles best, tonys, tullys all started in seattle.

    I dont know anything about rush though. Hopefully someone can chip in for you so you can compare.
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