Treated in an unfair manner

  1. Hello to all,
    I thought I would share my unfortunate experience with a prospective employer called Caryle Group in Illinois. I saw a job posting on the ENP website looking for an NP to join their Geriatric group rounding at 2-3 nursing homes in the area. I am a recent graduate but my passion and experience has been working with older adults. I applied and received a call 2 days later from HR and then a second call. I was then supposed to speak with their Geriatrician in the department but instead was offered an interview in person. They asked if I was available to meet on March 27th and they would fly me down on March 26th. I got a call if I could push the date up another week because of the cost of the flight which I understand being less than 7 days. They then sent me a flight for March 26th which involved 12 hours of both in transit and flying which would get me into a small airport which I would then have to drive at least 60 minutes to reach my final destination. I told them there was a bus service that could take me because for safety reasons I felt that I would be pretty tired to drive. I offered them this as well as Skype to meet. Then last evening at around 6pm I received an email that there were no longer interested in meeting with me saying that they would be looking elsewhere. I felt very disappointed and disgusted after being treated so unfairly. They didn't seem to care about my safety or wellbeing after flying for 12 hours and then asking me to drive. Where does one go from here?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hmm - I'm not familiar with this employer. I'm sorry you are disappointed. The market in IL (at least central IL where I live) is saturated with all kinds of NPs, PAs, etc., so I'm thinking maybe they wanted to hire local?
  4. by   DuckFan23
    Hey There-

    Well you could look at it this way-is this a company you truly want to work for? It almost makes me question how they treat their clients and employees, if that is how they treat prospective employees. Look at the positive. It could be a blessing in disguise, and likely means a much better position is out there for you! Chin up. They don't deserve ya.