Top 10 paid specialties?

  1. Hello everyone:
    I'll be finishing my BSN in nursing in about 4-5 mo. Once i finish I want to continue for a NP program. I was searching for it and found the "top 10 paid" specialty, I am most inclined to Psych or Adult care, considering this which one have more demand now a days? I live in OH and also have a license in FL. I don't want to go with just the highest paid, but which one is going to land me a job for sure. Any advise is welcome, thanks:

    1) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist - $135,000

    2) Nurse Researcher - $95,000

    3) Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - $95,000

    4) Certified Nurse Midwife - $84,000

    5) Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse - $81,000

    6) Orthopedic Nurse - $81,000

    7) Nurse Practitioner - $78,000

    8) Clinical Nurse Specialist - $76,000

    9) Gerontological Nurse Practitioner - $75,000

    10) Neonatal Nurse - $74,000
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  3. by   quakerkid
    I wouldn't focus on the pay. If you become a CRNA and make 135,000, but hate the work - it won't be worth the 85,000 you make as an FNP.

    If you are truly interested in a Pysch NP program, that may be the way to go- lots of available jobs currently (just do a job search in your area) and the pay scale is on the high-end of advanced practice nursing.
  4. by   llg
    That list isn't perfect. It includes "nurse researcher," but you don't need to be an NP to be a researcher. And yet it doesn't include a lot of roles that make just as money that are not NP roles. For example, nursing administrators, project coordinators, and educators make salaries in that range and yet the list does not include them.

    I suggest you work for little while with the patient population that interests you the most ... and then look at ALL the roles that care for that population and decide which one fits your particular talents and preferences. That might be an NP role, but it might be in one of the other possible roles. Identify the type of patient you want to work with and the type of role you want to have in relation to that patient. Then factor in things like money, education required, etc. and make your final choice.
  5. by   SiCubaby
    I would say just go for the job that would hold the most interest for you and that you would love, have the most opportunities. That at least would make life that much more meaningful for you. I would suggest shadowing the roles that most interest you, sure pay is fine just (as you already know) do not let it be your motive. Kind of like going on a plane ride for the peanuts. As far as pay goes, some of the roles don't even make sense unless you absolutely love them, for instance I am an ICU RN for 4 years and make more than the average neonatal NP makes and have far less responsibility, that is if those numbers are accurate. Again, find out what interests you first and go from there, do what you love and the money will usually follow (in some cases?) although not true for my brother- architect school still no job, menial pay. I suppose we get paid what society feels we should.