To go to CRNA school or not? To go to CRNA school or not? | allnurses

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To go to CRNA school or not?

  1. 0 I applied last summer for CRNA school to start this June 2012. The interview process was difficult and competitive. Needless to say I got a letter in the mail saying I was on the alternate list. I havn't heard anything so I pretty much had decided that it was no longer an option. Well 2 days ago I get a call asking if I was still interested in starting this June.

    I am very happy at my job and very comfortable where I am at in life however this is always something I wanted to do and feel that I probably won't ever get the oppurtunity again. I guess I am just scared that I won't be able to handle the course work I haven't had a chemistry class in 8 years. I guess worst case senario I go for it, if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. I can alwasys find another RN position somewhere if I had to.

    Did I also mention they want a decision by next week. Any advice would be helpful.
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    OOOMMMGGGGG!!! Go for it! Some opportunities only come once! At the end of the day if it doesn't work (which I doubt) you will always be a Registered Nurse and no one can take that away from you!!! Just make sure that you have a great support system because I heard that you can't even work! Good luck!!!
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    Go for it!!! You'll never know unless you try. Don't look back when you're 60 & have that regret!! Good luck
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    Do it!!!!!!