RN to MSN in Nursing Education with a Post Masters in FNP?

  1. So I had a quick question and I appreciate in advanced everyone who takes the time to respond to this post. I am currently working as a staff nurse in a SICU and while I enjoy my job very much I have reached the point where I want to obtain more education and enter into either nurse education or become a family NP. The problem is I'm not sure which I would prefer or how best to begin. I currently have a ASN and BS in Biology, so my thoughts were that I could obtain a RN to MSN in Nurse Education and then a Post Masters in FNP. That way I would have the ability to go into either field and find out which one suits me better (extra time and money spent in school not really a huge concern). Also, the hospital I work at reimburses MSN in Education degrees so I could have help paying student loans back while I'm working on my post masters. The question is would this work, is it a feasible path that would give me a good chance at succeeding in both fields or would it be better to just work on one path and hope I pick the right one.

    Thanks again for your help.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would do the MSN as an FNP first, then get a job as a teacher (perhaps part time) and if you really love it, get a post-MSN education certificate.