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  1. My family is seriously considering relocating to the Johnston county NC in the next 6 months. During our last visit I was able to speak with some locals about the housing market, school systems, etc. What I am really wondering about is the job market for NP and RNs. Here in NJ the RN market is getting cold (over saturated and hospitals try to get by with support staff). the NP market is ok. I have a good NP job at a private orthopedic office and do both hospital rounds and office hours. I make about 100k/year plus benefits. I know that the cost of housing is less in NC, but I have absolutely no idea what the pay scale is for either position. All of job postings I seen do not have any range attached. Also I hear that duke pays the worst? Not sure if the pay is better in Johnton or Wake co? How is the traffic if I commute to Wake co? I don't want to end up buying house and not be to afford the mortgage. It seems the more I look for answers, the more questions I am left with. Any advice is appreciated.
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