Questions regarding the significance of nursing research

  1. Hello all,

    I honestly do not know any nurses with a Masters degree (I am a newer nurse) that I can ask these questions to, especially in the time frame that I need, so any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

    I am in an RN to BSN program, currently taking my Research course and the assignment is to interview a Masters prepared nurse (due next week already and class just started this week).

    What are your views on the significance of nursing research?
    How have you acquired the knowledge that directs your practice?
    What are some specific examples of how research has impacted current nursing practice as well as your current practice?
    How do you use research in your current practice?
    How do you apply the research?

    Please include a little background on yourself like how long you have been a nurse, what your educational path has been, and what is your specialty.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
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