PNP vs. Peds CNS???

  1. Hey all...I'm new to this site but have been browsing some of the threads and am hoping for some of the same excellent feedback here!

    I'm currently enrolled in an MSN-PNP program, with another year and a half to go, part-time. However, I'm feeling a bit discouraged by the experiences that most of my classmates ahead of me are having with their NP clinicals and the outrageous expectations of faculty/clinical advisors. With the recent realization that I do not see myself being an independent primary care Peds NP (ie: seeing, diagnosing, treating, and following patients in an office setting)...I have started investigating the Peds CNS program at my school. The program is 2 courses shorter, with a seemingly more traditional "nursing" focus (as opposed to the medical focus of NP programs...if that makes sense). I feel that I am more suited to remaining in a nursing role, but I have no clue what exactly being a CNS is all about...and I am determined to finish this master's program one way or another!!!

    I'm wondering if anyone has any school/career advice re:
    1- which specialty will be more marketable?
    2- what exactly does a day in the life of a Peds CNS look like?
    3- which specialty has the best bet of providing a family-friendly schedule (ie: no weekends, no holidays, no ridiculous 12 hour shifts like we do as crazy RNs, hehe)?

    Any thoughts/tips/personal anecdotes would be appreciated. I could not find anything specifically comparing Peds advance practice RN!

    many thanks
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