Pneumococcal vaccinations

  1. Ok I'm studying like crazy and I still can't get this right. So u can give the vaccine to people less than age 65 if they have comorbities,immunocomp, or a splenic. Then u can give them another at age 65 and then they can get it very 5 yrs. I'm confused cuz the tapes and questions say that but then u get a question luke...a healthy 50 yr old pt whose diabetic got his pneumococcal vaccine today when should he get another one. Why is it 65 and not 55?
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  3. by   cinciNP
    You can probably check the CDC website for more info. The vaccine is not given every 5 years. Usually patients only receive one vaccine. You can give a second vaccine if the patient received the first vaccine more than 5 years ago or if they were younger than 65 when they received the first vaccine.