Overtime for Nurse Practitioner's

  1. Can Nurse Practitioner's get a decent amount of overtime if they desire? Say 10 to 15 hours a week.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Most of us get a salary so there is no overtime.

    However, I do work prn in an ER and that is hourly. That's the only place I've seen that you get paid hourly.
  4. by   elkpark
    I agree (although I'm not an NP). All of my CNS positions, and all the NPs I have known, have been salaried -- no such thing as OT for us. That doesn't mean hourly positions (with the potential for paid OT) might not be out there somewhere ...
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    NP's who are hired as hospital employees such as myself sometimes have provisions for overtime pay in their salary package. Of the three hospitals I've worked for, pay is based on an hourly rate with time and a half offered for overtime. Holidays are paid as overtime in the 2 places I've worked for and double time in the last one I worked for. The ability to accumulate overtime depended a lot on staffing needs (i.e., being called in to work because someone is sick, acuity increased and more people needed, working extra days to cover someone who is on vacation, things of that sort).
  6. by   Jameslovestravel
    How about picking up Per Deim work on your day off at another hospital?
  7. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from Jameslovestravel
    How about picking up Per Deim work on your day off at another hospital?
    There are a few hospital-based practices that will hire Per Diem NP's to fill in for holes in the regular NP roster schedule. I used to live in Michigan and worked Per Diem at another hospital while keeping a full time job at another. Incidentally, both hospitals are part of the same corporation so I got paid overtime for the hours I worked Per Diem over and above my regular full time hours. I have moved to California now and I know of a couple of places here that have a pool of Per Diem NP's. I have not ventured into picking up extra hours in those places just yet so I can't give you my perspective based on personal experience.
  8. by   Jameslovestravel
    Is it possible to work as an RN to earn more on your days off if you want to earn some extra money for buying a house or something?
  9. by   juan de la cruz
    There are NP's picking up Per Diem hours as staff RN's. I personally know a few who does. The caveat is that even though the NP works in the role of a bedside nurse, they are held to the standard of a nurse practitioner in terms of liability. Some employers probably either don't care too much about this or are unaware of the repercussions as it is definitely not uncommon to see nurses with NP certification working as bedside RN's.
  10. by   MissDoodaw
    I work m-f FT for a specialty practice- I moonlight sat/sun for an urgent care center, and other prn NP work-for some extra money. One of the Docs at my ft job once asked me what I do on weekends- I laughed and said I mowed lawns for pocket money. there is no conflict since my FT job is in specialty working with adults- so I really do need to keep up my experience working with peds and general medicine, but still best I think to keep it under wraps, if possible.