online NP at felician college

  1. any body attended, or will attend felician college for graduate school (FNP, Adult NP)?? online
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  3. by   grdmdb
    completing application for np program at felecian as we speak.. saw the flyer at my work office-
    called and spoke with the dept head who was very helpful.. im tired of looking online and never making a decision- i'll keep you posted once i get the acceptance letter
  4. by   greatgirl123
    the program is pretty good.. so far... good luck..
  5. by   Barinbass
    Good to hear. I start in their NP program in June. Am wondering how the testing is and if tests are timed etc. What are your thoughts on the difficulty because I think the grading scale may be tighter than the typical 90-100, 80-90 etc. Wold love to hear all your thoughts. Barinbass