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  1. Hello everybody!

    First and foremost, I'd just like to introduce myself to the allnurse community. I am a new grad FNP, and currently work with an interventional cardiologist in both outpatient and inpatient setting. However, I do not have much cardiology experience. I have worked as a pediatric rn in med surg, and PACU rn for both adults and pediatrics. I would like to gain as much information and knowledge as possible! The dr I work with is very smart and great at what he does. However, I am his first NP and he doesn't have much time to teach and train me. He trusts me and says that with time and experience I will learn better that way. I am searching for learning opportunities, and would love your feedback on this issue. He also does not have standards or protocols for NP in the office. How would I go about obtaining these?

    I have considered taking a post masters ACNP program, or NP fellowship in Cardiology (which is offered in Phoenix, AZ). I also have an interest in Alternative Medicine, and have contemplated the NP fellowship at University of Arizona. I am also interested in possibly pursuing a RNFA at UCLA, but would need a surgeon for my clinical hours. Cardiothoracic Surgery is interesting, but I know the job market is pretty slim right now!

    Please let me know your suggestions! Thank you!!
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  3. by   CRF250Xpert
    My program had zero in patient training and we were very heavily cautioned from taking an inpatient job. I worked interventions cardiology as a RN many years ago and I really thought that was a job much more suited for ACNP. So, I think the post grad cert in ACNP would be the best. The place I worked had NPs rounding on everything you can imagine. I recall having a new PA round on my PT who had the "brand new" bi-ventricular pacer and had no clue how we'd shut off one side or the other to get EKGs.

    Luckily, all interventional stuff is pretty standard aftercare; ACTs, BPs, and stasis modality-dejure (proceed with great caution is you let RNs use the Femostop). Integrillin, NTG gtt, etc. for drugs. I loved the setting as a RN - I don't now how comfortable I'd be these days as a FNP back in the post-interventional unit with my PT having chest pain and EKG changes . It sounds like an awesome learning opportunity for you. Good luck and stay within the lines for a while