Nurse Practitioner owned urgent care

  1. 0 So ive tried for a while googling this topic and looking on this site for more info but im not really getting what I want to know. I want more opinions or information on how or if NPs can own, operate, and even work in their own urgent care independently? I assume this all changes state to state, but for the most part how would nps go about doing this if they can?
    to cover the age range I would be a FNP with some ER experience.

    thanks for anyone's input, please no bashing!
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    Not a problem, at least in the states I'm in.
    The hard part would be the regs. You as a NP can own it and practice independently, depending on your state.
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    does any np have any experience owning his or her own clinic/ urgent care that wouldn't mind talking about it?

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