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NP salary in Pennsylvania?

  1. 0 Hi everyone I am currently pursuing my FNP cert. Just wondering does anyone know what the pay is like for FNP's in Pennsylvania? Also does anyone have a clue what the VA pays NP's in Pa? I can see the payscale for other states but Pa. seems to like to keep it a secret. Thanks for any input.
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    Why is it so difficult to get answers about salary? I am embarking on a new postition and would like the same question answered, "HOW MUCH AM I WORTH?" I don't want to act as though I can negotiate anything. I guess I am going to have to become business savvy really quick in order to do this.
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    #2 0 using center city zip code: 25th%: $86,285 to 75%: $100,927

    Visit Phialdelphia Business Journal to see NP recruitment/ job postings rather than local paper/Advance/Nsg Spectrum.
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