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NP pay for VA medical center

  1. 0 Does anyone know the starting salary for a new grad for the VA medical Center? I called human resources, but all they tell me is that it varies depending on the committee selection board? Thanks for your help!
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    Depends on your interview it then goes in front of a board and they might take your RN experience into account also if you in a shortage position you might get a different pay rate varies considerably from VA to VA each network is different they do publish a pay scale for most positions from low to high if they take your RN experience into account it could raise you from the base if you are a new NP
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    Yes OCCRN9 is correct, I work at the VA and I know that even some RN with ARNP that have been working on a ward Telemetry/PCU did not get step increase from level II (BSN) level III(MSN) You have to demostrate the skills for a MSN level where I work. The Pay for MSN start about 90000 goes up to 120000 there are Level IV that make alot more mostly ADM type of work and Research,Inspector Generals for a VISN etc starting in the 130000