NP interview questions??

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if any of you have any insight as to what to expect in an interview for an NP Masters program? I have an interview next week and I'm just hoping to be really prepared! I'm just so nervous!!!
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  3. by   BSNRN2010
    Expect the usual like:

    1. Why do u want to become an NP?
    2. Do u know the role of an NP?
    3. What r ur weakness and strengths as a nurse?
    4. Why do you think u will be a great fit for our program?
    5. Y did you choose our program?
    6. What are your long term goals in nursing?
    7. Your expectations when u graduate?
    8. Do you think with your current lifestyle, you will be able to complete the prg?
    9. What do you know abt our prg?
    10. Also, come up with ur own questions to show ur interest in their program.

    That's just a few... Just interview less than 2 weeks ago and that's some of the questions I was asked. I hope that helps!!😊
  4. by   Staceyvesh
    Absolutely helped! Thx so much

    Did u get accepted???