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Hi I am a BSN student set to graduate in December. I am interested in becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Where can I find information on accredited programs? Where can I find more information on the... Read More

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    I have never been able to find one, and believe me I have spent a lot of time looking. I actually teach out of a textbook that is on their list of references, and I guess that did not help either. I just hope this new test is more structured than the last. I plan to take it again in the summer and if I am not successful, that will be my final attempt. I will just continue to teach even though I really would like to actually practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

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    i took the old exam in 2007 and then was part of the new exam voluntary testing to gather data. the exams were basically the same, in my opinion. lots of weird questions that are poorly worded on both exams.
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    Thank you for your reply. I was afraid that there would not be much difference. I have been reviewing their new sample testing online that you purchase. It all is driving me crazy!!!

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