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  1. I have a wonderful job waiting for me in Georgia. It is a locum to permanent position. The only problem is I was told it would be about 6 weeks to get licensed by endorsement. The state board has lost transcripts and had trouble with reading my fingerprints. I had been in a low paying part time job and had to move in with my parents at the end of December. I was OK with it due to the great job in Georgia. I was ready to go to Georgia and start my kids in school at the beginning of January. I had applied December 1st. It is now the end of January and my kids have been out of school for four weeks due to my situation. I was told that I cannot get any help from the agency until my license comes in, which should be in the next week. I am so frustrated. My parents told me I need to get another job, and get out. They do not believe it would take so long. The staffing agency apologizes, but states there is nothing they can do. Has anyone else had these problems. Is it always this hard to get licensed and move when working locums?
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  3. by   Psychcns
    Yes, I have found this. Are you also applying for prescriptive authority-may take longer. I have hadto have transcripts resent and fingerprints being incorrect is not unusual. Every state has a different application and some are ridiculous. Just keep giving the board what they say is still missing. Keep trying . Good luck!!