New FNP student Pace University Fall 2012, Needs some TLC

  1. 0 It's been over 10 years that I obtained my BSN. I am excited to be going back to school in the fall but I am also very anxious as to what to expect and how to prepare. I need advice and tips from former FNP students at Pace University. If you were to do it again what would you have done differently? Did you have a good expereince?
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    I didn't go there, but best wishes Lucky. Its fun and exciting to be starting a new venture. Let us know how it goes for you
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    If you got in, I am sure you can make it!! I am hoping to get in there to their CDP program. You will do fine...just make sure to study the material the day after each class--dont wait till before a test! If you make sure to make a few study hours each day you will be great.

    Best of luck, and hope to run into you in the halls at pace sometime in the future!

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