Nervous about starting a BSN to DNP program!

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    I'm Katie, new to the site. I wanted to see what other nurses' experience has been embarking on the journey form BSN to DNP, if there are any out there! I've been practicing as a nurse for 7 years now, and I got the itch to go back to school. I live in the Chicago area and am seriously contemplating Rush University's BSN to DNP program with the concentration on qualifying for FNP boards. What I am most nervous about is trying to juggle working full time (3 12 hour night shifts) having a family (4 year old now, want to have more babies, likely during the time I would be pursuing the degree!) and going to school. Any advice that my fellow nurses who are on or have completed this daunting journey would be so great!
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  3. by   Tinabeanrn
    Hi Katie and welcome . I'm finishing up my MSN/FNP in a few weeks (yay) but It still took me 3.5 years to complete it by me having 3 kids. I had a baby during the program and that was a challenge. I honestly didn't realize how much of a challenge that the FNP program would be. For some reason I thought it would be a piece of cake, lol. I have learned so much, and I totally feel it was worth all the blood, sweat and literally tears. Just know that it will be a challenge, especially trying to work full time. I worked full time until I started my clinicals, and then it just became impossible for me. But lots of my class mates continued to work full time (somehow). What I would do is save up my vacation days and take a day a week off during clinicals. You have tons and I do mean tons of busy work to do that is gonna drive you crazy. Generally you have to "log" every patient encounter that you experience in clinical into Typhon ( It takes a great deal of time at first) and you have to write evidence based reflections every week, and SOAP notes every week. On top of test, studying your butt off, attending clinicals and writing papers and doing projects. All I can say is they make you earn it. Idk what Rush will be like, but that is pretty much how all the NP programs are in Michigan. I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have .