Need advice!- Practicing NP, without BSN or MSN

  1. Yes it's true. I am a (RN) nurse practitioner, dual credentialed in Women's Health and Adult Primary Care. I was one of the lucky ones, sort of, that was able to attend NP training in California before it was mandatory to have a BSN and MSN. I have been working for 20+ years as an NP in college health. Again hired on before the laws changed. Needless to say, I do not have a national certification, but again in 1990, it wasn't required. I am now at a fork in the road as to what should I do? Do I need to back track and earn my BSN and MSN before applying for certification? Is there any way I can petition the boards given my years of experience or the fact that it was not a requirement ? Or am I just.. well, screwed? It seems I must go backwards in order to move forward. I am thinking about a career change, but I seem to hit the roadblock when it comes to being nationally certified. Is it true that the only "good" jobs are for NP's that are certified, with an MSN?
    Does anyone have some current info, feedback, or personal experience? Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would suspect that if you have been grandfathered in as an NP, you would be able to find another NP job.

    Wasn't sure if that was what you were asking or are asking if you change jobs to something outside an NP?
  4. by   sirI
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    The MSN is the minimal requirement to practice as an NP. And, yes, most if not all states require national certification as well.

    The RNP is a designation States give the NP who do not have the MSN. It is only good for your State and cannot be transferred to another State. I'm sure your State has two designations of NP; the APN and RNP. The former is for those with MSN and latter, grandfathered in w/o MSN.

    Since you were grandfathered in when the MSN became mandatory, you were still allowed to practice as an NP (you were not disenfranchised) in your State only. So, it's quite possible that you could find another job as an NP in your State without any problem.

    But, if you relocate to another state, you would have to have an MSN in order to practice as an NP. And, there is no other way around it.

    Good luck.
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  5. by   jer_sd
    Well you are in a difficult spot but since you ahve state license as a NP you do have some options. But it if you want certification it might be hard without further education.

    I do not think you will be able to challenge board exams but it is worth calling them to see.

    Most MSN completion programs for certificate NPs want the NP to be nationally certified and have a BSN.

    The fastest way may be a RN-MSN program, once you have your MSN you might be able to challenge the AANP exam, or take one of the subspecilty NP certification exams.