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Minor in Biology Help in Grad School?

  1. 0 I'm currently in my first year of nursing school and plan to become a nurse practitioner(DNP). I know it may seem weird that I am already planning on that since I am in my first year of the program but I'm the type of person that knows what I want and I will do everything I can in order to make it happen. I want to become an acute care nurse practitioner and either work more with patients in critical care or in the emergency room. I currently work in a hospital on the med-surg and pediatric unit but once I am in my clinicals I am planning on transferring to critical care in order to gain more experience since I will be able to do a lot more. I plan on working in critical care once I gaduate because I want to gain that type of experience while I am in grad school and while I am applying to grad schools because I will need experience before even going into the graduate program. I am also seriously considering getting a minor in biology because I feel like it will better prepare me for grad school and I want to have a more in depth science background because I really enjoy it and it will help me to understand more than just the basics. I just want to know if it sounds like I am on the right track? Also, would anyone suggest having a biology minor since I am planning on becoming a nurse practitioner? Sorry that was so long! I would really appreciate some help/input!