managing LVN's

  1. Can anyone give me addvice? I am a new Director of Nursing at a nuro facility. I have inherited some LVN staff that are complacent. As a critical care RN some of the common place practices are...
    I need to bring the level of nursing up to par and at the same time retain my staff.
    Eg: Stat bnp ordered on thursday affternoon and wasn't done for 22 hrs?!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Write down some of the things you want to address, then call a meeting of your personnel and let them know what your expectations are and what will happen if they fail to turn the problematic behavior around. You should also try to find some positive things to discuss. Then follow through on what you discussed. First time verbal warning. Second and third time, written warnings. If you end up actually having to terminate someone because they refuse to get themselves up to par, then the others should notice. Make sure you tell them that it is better to be short-handed than to have personnel around who do not do their job in an acceptable manner. I am almost certain in this atmosphere of difficulty finding work, you will have a pool of eager job seekers who would love to take a job at your facility and do it well. Good luck.