Looking for an APN to answer interview questions for school project. Anyone in AZ?

  1. Questions for Interview of APNs
    1) Describe your professional background and experience. Where did you go for graduate school, when did you graduate, how many years have you practiced as an APN, and what different roles/jobs have you held as an APN? How many years and what types of experience did you have as an RN prior to becoming an APN?

    2) What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an APN? What has given you the most job satisfaction as an APN?

    3) What obstacles have you encountered as an APN? At what point throughout your APN career have you had more obstacles, as a novice or expert? What did you do to overcome those obstacles?

    4) What was your first day(s) like as a new APN (on your own) in your new role?
    5) Describe your typical day as an APN. What components of direct and indirect clinical practice do you have in your job? Would you prefer to do more direct clinical practice or indirect clinical practice than you are currently doing?
    6) What advice do you have for new APNs?
    7) What did you think was the role of the APN (FNP) when you first started? Have your thoughts on this role changed now that you've been in this role?
    8) How long did it take you to feel comfortable as an APN?
    Do you consider yourself an expert in your field at this time?

    can send answers to my email: diannabmax@msn.com
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