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Looking for a Pediatric NP as a preceptor

  1. 0 I am in desperate need of a pediatric NP to precept next semester which begins in 3 weeks in the Knoxville, Lenoir City or Maryville, TN area. Please contact me if you are willing and available or if you know someone who is. Thank You in advance.
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    You might find some leads by cold calling the peds practices in your area.
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    yes have called and no one is willing to take a FNP student in peds only a student studying to become a Pediatric NP
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    Okay - next suggestions - contact your state's APN organization and see if they have a resource for you.

    Otherwise, go back to your instructor and let them know you are having great difficulty and see if they can help you out.

    Peds preceptors was hard for me too and then when they asked if I was going to change from adults to kids and I was honest, they weren't very nice either.

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