liberty's CNS program

  1. Would it be easier/faster for me to do the liberty university cns program then do a post msn fnp program?
    The liberty program would take me a year and a couple of months full time with a couple of transfer classes. Most of their classes are 8 weeks. Also their is no thesis/ graduate project required. It just 12 classes- 10 classes for me. At the same time even thought i plan to get my fnp, i wonder would it be hard to get a job as a cns in maryland, i don't even think they are recognized by the mbon the same as a np. I trying to figure out the best route. Also under their program i can only precept with a msn preceptor which makes it harder, cause i have plenty of md's at my job that are willing to precept me.
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  3. by   caringirene
    Any update to your question?? I'm in the same boat here!!