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Leik FNP review

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    I am signed up for the Leik FNP review tomorrow (live online review) but haven't received any thing from them. I have called and email but no one is calling me back. The class is suppose to be tomorrow. Need advice on what to do?

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    Keep calling! Let me know what you think about it. I might take it. I've spent so much money on review material and classes and can't seem to pass. I need HELP!
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    I took the course and really enjoyed the class. I haven't taken my exam yet.... shooting for June. A handful of students who took the class have taken the exam and have passed. I think there were also a handful of students who did not pass the exam on their first or second attempt...took the course and passed. I was very encouraged after the course. Mrs. Leik is very animated so she keeps your attention.
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    That sounds very encouraging! THANK YOU!
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    Manhow or rainier could you email me regarding failing exam please!! I also failed and am looking for insight, and if you passed exam yet?!?
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    I love the Leik review book...debating between Barkley and Leik live review in May. Let me know how you like it! Good Luck!