interview for RN please

  1. hello everyone. Im a pre-nursing student and I have an assignment to do and it is to interview a registered nurse. If someone is willing to answer these questions please do so . It would really help me. I need it by tuesday night. please help me become a successful pre-nursing student by helping me out and answering a few questions. it would mean everything for me. Thank you.

    1.where did you obtain your education and degree if applicable?
    2.What is your definition of nursing?
    3.How would you describe your role as a professional nurse?
    4.How do you serve as a patient advocate, including the cultural needs of clients and families?
    5.Describe a typical day for you. include duties, types of patients and challenges.
    6.Name one specific situation in your career that was very rewarding and tell us why.
    7.Refer to question 6. what did you consider as the most important skill/attribute of our health care provider/nurse and why?

    please someone answer these questions asap. thank you so much to anyone who answers and who ever answers can you just state your first name. this is crucial for my assignment. once again thank you.
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