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How Much is GWU's Online MSN?

  1. 1 Hi All,
    Just got a letter of acceptance to George Washington University's MSN/ANP program, completed online with clinicals in one's own area. I'm trying to decide how I feel about an online program (and yes, have read EVERY thread on online advanced practice training). What I really want to know is:
    How much does this program cost? It's 2-3 years, and GWU is notorious for costing a boat-load. I can calculate it out per credit hour roughly, but i'm curious if anyone has a solid estimate. Thanks!
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    The tuition is just under $700/credit hour and 45 credits are required... so it seems the tuition is only $32,000 for the program. That seems very low for GWU; my daughter graduated from GW and her yearly undergrad tuition was over $50K/year (Foreign Affairs/ Economics). I'm attending Georgetown's NP program and my tuition is about $75,000 for the entire program. GW is a great school; it's worth every penny. Best of luck to you!