How long after graduation to certify?

  1. 0 Hi! I was wondering if anyone happened to know how long after graduation do you have to get certified. I am the opposite of most of the people here who are anxiously waiting to taking the test because they have a job lined up for it. I graduated in ACNP December 2008 but have actually have taken the last year off for emotional and physical health. Now I am ready to take the test but am unsure if I'm out of time. Can anyone help?

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    There's no requirement for being certified at a specific time frame. The only disadvantage that most people will say is that waiting too long to sit for the exam might make it more difficult as you may have forgotten most of your classes. I, however, feel that a decent review course will easily make up for the time lapse between graduation and certification.
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    Thank you for your response! I greatly appreciate it.
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    I would definitly take a review course. I did Barkley as did many of the ANPs and FNPs in my graduating class and we all passed. Listen to him and find a test partner. Just use his materials and know it.

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