Help reviewing Statement of purpose for FNP program

  1. would anyone mind reviewing my statement of purpose for my application for fnp program. i would really appreciate some insight. feel free to be critical!!! thanks!

    statement of purpose
    _______ university
    let me try, i can savehim. i had told my father. he agreed, knowing that i was right. with enoughcompassion, love, time and attention i could save almost any sick, hurt or runtof the litter that most people would have given up on. my eyes lit up. i wouldspend the majority of my next waking hours devoted to my patient; nursing itback to health and helping it grow strong. always running to greet the veterinarian on the farm, i assisted withcesarean sections, physicals, immunizations, sutures, and numerous otherprocedures. these experiences molded my love for healing and medicine.
    family and friends wereshocked when i explained, at a young age, that i had no intentions of being aveterinarian. my explanation was simple,animals cannot talk to me. along with a love for healing, i had a passion forcommunication. the love for communication drove me to positions in customerservice. these positions have allowed me to develop strong inter-personalskills.
    recently while myfather was in the hospital, i felt firsthand the fear of having a loved one whowas very ill. hundreds of miles away i felt helpless as my mother would explainhis condition to me numerous times a day. after multiple requests for doctorsand nurses to call me with updates with no success, i flew to be by his side. agreat amount of my nursing career has been spent advocating for patients. thistime the need for advocacy hit close to home.
    the next six days wereemotional. the physicians had spent little time explaining his condition ordiscussing his plan of care. thiscreated unnecessary fear and anxiety. afterobserving his care it was evident that this hospital was dealing with the samepatient safety issues, communication problems, and quality of care issues thatmany hospitals struggle with. after watching his care for days and acting ashis advocate i was exhausted and very concerned.
    in an effort to improvepatient experiences and quality of care, i have spent hours facilitating teams,working on coalitions, and attending seminars to change systems in health care.without a doubt these activities of thousands of people, throughout hundreds ofhospitals, are making a difference. irealized that day, on my flight home, worrying about my father who remained inthe care of physicians whom i didn't trust, that i had more to offer to healthcare. by achieving my goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner i coulddirectly change the patient experience. as a family nurse practitioner i would strive to provide my patientswith a relationship incorporating quality care, trust, and respect. thisrelationship would be achieved through education and listening to my patients.
    chemical dependency isoften an issue that is addressed with biases from some staff members. irecently helped a patient that had relapsed after twelve months of sobriety. thepatient had confided with me that it was the anniversary date of his _____ and____death. every year this date was a struggle for him. most of the staff wasunaware of the personal struggles that many of the patients had, causing themto form unfair basis regarding their chemical dependencies. being able to understand his personalstruggles allowed me to provide a more holistic approach to his care.
    the pursuit for afamily nurse practitioner program with a holistic care approach and a programthat would support my deep passion for knowledge and continued learning broughtme to ________university. aftergraduation from the family nurse practitioner program i will peruse work in aclinic setting at the ___________. this will allow me to fulfill a lifelongpassion of service to our country by helping veterans and their families whohave served our country.
    firsthand experienceshave given me valuable insight into the experiences of veterans. after myvehicle was stuck with a rocket propelled grenade while in iraq my friend, andco-driver was sent to numerous veterans hospitals undergoing multiple surgeriesto save his leg. seeing the fear in his eyes that day and understanding thestruggles he endured after the attack have motivated me to devote my efforts asa family nurse practitioner to the care of veterans.
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    Wow, very nice. I can relate to the childhood farm life since dad was a pig farmer sewing the ruptured pigs bellies so the hernia wouldn't kill them later. I was his first assistantNot sure it needs to be in the paper. Well see what others think. it needs the spacing of words fixed. It flowed nicely.