Has anyone went to a "live" Barkley review for prep of the FNP certification exam?

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    I really want to pass my AANP-FNP exam and I registered for the Barkley review and would just like to know if anyone has recently went to a review and if so, what did you think of it? I'm just trying to get prepared. Thanks

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    Good luck with your exam. I did not attend live but I have listened to all 21 cds a thousand times. I really like him. The gale that does the pediatric section is really knowledgeable and thorough. When do you take your exam?
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    Thank you. I haven't set a date for my exam yet. I will be taking the Barkley review this weekend and then I will set a date.
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    I did, thought it was a help, even if it just provided reassurances. I felt it was well done, good review. They get constant feedback fro students and seem to be current. It was worth my money, for me.A
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    I have heard good things about his course too. debating on home study materials or live course. either way, I will be doing one.

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