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  1. 0 What's the best GRE prep you've come across that helped in the different aspects of the test.

    What prep did you use? And what did that prep not do a good job on?
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    I used the following and it worked really well, considering that I only had 2 weeks to study before taking the exam. I managed a 93rd percentile in verbal, 70th in quant and a 5 in writing.
    -kaplan vocab flash cards
    -kaplan review book w/ electronic practice tests
    -powerscore weekend class (they go over all of the essentials in one weekend)
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    Nice thanks for the info. Ill have about 6 months to prepare but I have to nail this test. My CRNA schools around here are very competitive. Even though Ill have a 3.7/3.8 gpa it won't mean much without impressive scores. The minimum is a 150/150 an 3.5 writing. How difficult is that to obtain? Is that a high mark or average score for someone who prepared adequately?
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    A 150/150 is equivalent to around a 1050 on the old exam, ie: a very average score. That should not be hard to obtain at all, especially if you study a bit. Seriously, nursing is a field that's extremely forgiving when it comes to the GRE, unlike pretty much every other field. Do not stress.