1. Hi all,
    I need your help. I am currently in a direct entry NP program. I'm trying to decide between the family or Acute Care track. I realized that they are on different ends of the spectrum. I officially declared AC as my specialty but thought about changing to the family track.

    I initially selected Acute Care because of my past ED experience. I want to work in a hospital setting. I like the collaborative nature and team approach. As an ACNP, I feel I will be constantly learning and challenged to keep up with the new procedures and techniques. I like thinking on my feet and doing procedures. The downsides are less time with patients, working with only one age group, stress, and weird hours.

    I'm thinking of switching to the family track because I am interested in working with kids and adults. I loved my pediatric and maternity rotations. The advantages are more time with patients, seeing the same patients over time, slower place, better hours,and less stress? The downsides are less interesting cases, working in a primary care office, and less of a team approach.

    As I'm trying to make this decision, I realized that I don't know all the opportunities available to FNPs and ACNP. Can someone tell me the types of jobs for FNPs and ACNPs? Will I have more opportunities in one track over the other? Someone told me that with healthcare reform, there will be tons of FNP jobs coming down the pike.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    If your goal is ER, then I would investigate the FNP because of the ability to see all ages. If your goal is ICU, than ACNP is the way to go IMHO.

    However, the caveat to the FNP in the ER is what type of clinicals will you have? Some states do not allow FNPs in the ER because their focus is more chronic or non-acute care.