FNP in Austin?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an R.N. in the FNP program. The program I'm in allows me to do it anywhere, and I'm thinking of moving to Austin during the last half. This means it becomes my responsibility to secure clinical sites and preceptors instead of being assigned to them if I remained in NM. My question are:

    How is the job market for R.Ns

    How many FNP programs does Austin have?

    How is the job market for FNPs?

    Can they write prescriptions for controlled substances and what is the collaborative agreement like?

    What is the average salary for both R.Ns and FNPs?

    How is your overall economy and housing market?

    How strict is your BON? I was reading some of the disciplinary actions and it looked a if they revoked somebody for being diagnosed as bipolar? I thought that was illegal? I'm not bipolar, but I have heard Texas is strict and any mistake the BON revokes, but of course this could be rumor from people unwilling to look at their part.

    If there are any FNPs on here who would be willing to talk to me mentor me through this decision I would be forever grateful.


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  3. by   t2kck
    I have been a NP for 15 years. When I started out as a new NP, nurses salaries were more than what I was getting paid. However, I held more responsibility, longer hours and ugh. The question will your salary increase by a higher education, responsibility etc by working as a NP? No. I can make more as a staff nurse.

    NP's have prescriptive authority. It is different from state to state. Collaborative work means that you work along side a supervising doctor and agree to assess, dx and tx a patient based on your agreement with the doctor. IT is with the understanding you will seek assistance if you have questions or don't have a clue what you are doing to prevent harming a patient. I went to my doc's sometimes to verify what I was going to order was appropriate. If they disagreed, I deferred to their judgement. My doctors let me do everything except surgical procedures that were out of my realm of education and training. Not working in oncology, I agreed to not order oncology treatments other than what I was trained. I did not want the responsibility anyway. Try to write protocols that are open ended, " will be able to order the following drugs….., but not limited to the above" etc.

    I sometimes wonder if I should have applied to medical school. I sometimes wonder not becoming a NP would have been better. Work is by shifts and hourly. Pay is many times better. Nurses are being hired as more nurses decide to stay home with children, find work labor intensive, deviate from bedside care to administrative, retire, and mostly because nurses who do graduate don't like nursing and go onto a different career altogether.
  4. by   helenerickson
    Don't dispair. The latest IOM study will empower you. I have been in nursing since the 50s, and the way I read it, nursing is in the best position ever for autonomy. Another thing that is happening is the movement toward Nurse Coachs. I think that this will also help. So, don't dispair, but do seek like-minded people to support you. I wonder, have you tried AHNA?