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    I graduated July 2012, and still haven't taken my boards. I have already applied and been approved to take the AANP test. I set the date for March 9, 2013. Just wondering if this date is too soon. What do you think is an appropriate time frame that I should set to prepare for the certification exam? I'm concerned because I have just started back studying this week. Maybe I should give myself more time to study. What has worked in general for everyone?
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    I gave myself 3 weeks from the test date to get some real studying in. To be quite honest, I really studied for real for 2.5 weeks....anything longer i feel is too much. This is what worked for me. Everyone else may feel differently though. Good luck!!
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    I too graduated in July 2012 and I tested in late September and that's because it took about 2 months for my degree to confer and for AANP to approve me. I took my exam as soon as I was allowed. The longer you take the harder it will get! Trust me! I passed after testing for one hour and a half! Good luck and study hard!
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    Nope not to soon. make a study plan and just take it. I graduated in aug, tested in Oct. Good luck.