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    Hi. Getting ready to take the AANP certification for FNP next week. I have been using the fitzgerald audio review, as well as the review book. Wondering if her questions are at all similar to the exam questions. I have also been using the CD from the Zerwekh book. Any advice on if I should continue doing practice questions or just focus on content??
    Thanks, this site has been helpful and i have been "lurking" for quite some time.

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    Am I too late in responding? Did you take the test yet?? That should be fine, I took the test July 7th, studies my ass off and just missed the cut, so I will be taking it again. Good Luck, please let me know how you do. If you have not taken the test yet let me know as well and I can give you some pointer.
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    I also took it on the 7th and passed. or at least i think i passed. Of course i am second guessing what the screen said, but i am pretty sire that it said i passed.
    When are you re-taking? You will do great. Let me know if you want to chat about it.
    good luck!
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    any tips???? i am taking the aanp fnp exam in 3 days....i have mostly studied m.f. review book, cd's and went to her live review course!!! i am in panic mode!!!
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    I took the ANCC exam and just missed like 2%. I studied using Fitzgerald, a live review, her book; I also used the Leik book and the old ANCC book. There is something on ANCC that allows a review of score for 30 dollars. I think that is new and am not sure if it is because they just changed the test or not.
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    Congrats clsintexas! Did you take the acute care exam?

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