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  1. Hi. Getting ready to take the AANP certification for FNP next week. I have been using the fitzgerald audio review, as well as the review book. Wondering if her questions are at all similar to the exam questions. I have also been using the CD from the Zerwekh book. Any advice on if I should continue doing practice questions or just focus on content??
    Thanks, this site has been helpful and i have been "lurking" for quite some time.
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  3. by   kellynp
    Am I too late in responding? Did you take the test yet?? That should be fine, I took the test July 7th, studies my ass off and just missed the cut, so I will be taking it again. Good Luck, please let me know how you do. If you have not taken the test yet let me know as well and I can give you some pointer.
  4. by   eradak1
    I also took it on the 7th and passed. or at least i think i passed. Of course i am second guessing what the screen said, but i am pretty sire that it said i passed.
    When are you re-taking? You will do great. Let me know if you want to chat about it.
    good luck!
  5. by   2bcfnp
    any tips???? i am taking the aanp fnp exam in 3 days....i have mostly studied m.f. review book, cd's and went to her live review course!!! i am in panic mode!!!
  6. by   clsintexas
    I took the ANCC exam and just missed like 2%. I studied using Fitzgerald, a live review, her book; I also used the Leik book and the old ANCC book. There is something on ANCC that allows a review of score for 30 dollars. I think that is new and am not sure if it is because they just changed the test or not.
  7. by   bluedog
    Congrats clsintexas! Did you take the acute care exam?