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  1. I recently graduated and passed my ANCC exam as an FNP. I have the opportunity to take a position in an urgent care setting-this is the first place showing any interest in me at all as I have no previous NP experience, no prescriptive authority, etc. I hate to turn this down, but I am very concerned about the fact that I will be the only provider available. Any advice from a more experienced NP would be greatly appreciated as I am just not sure what to do! I am afraid I will take the job, get totally overwhelmed, and hate practicing-what to do what to do?!
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  3. by   NPinWCH
    I have only been practicing for 3 months, and before I started I was pretty positive I didn't want a position like the one your are talking about...NOW, I KNOW I was right.

    It's not just a "nice to have" thing either. I mean, when I first started I was seeing easy acute things, but it didn't take long for something more complicated to show up on my schedule and even when I'm pretty sure I know what to do next, it is nice to run it by someone else.

    You don't have prescriptive authority yet and you'd be the only provider? How does that work, or do you mean you'd be alone after you got your PA?

    My vote, having just been in the same boat, is to wait for something you're more comfortable with. I LOVE knowing I have someone to fall back on if I need it...I can't imagine working without that safety net as a new NP.