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Family Nurse Practitioner Review Book

  1. 0 Hi Everyone, I am studying for the FNP exam and am looking for the Family Nurse Practitioner Review book by Joann Zerwekh. It came highly recommended and I am unable to locate a copy at a reasonable rate. Also, if anyone can recommend other review books, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Hi, if you can get a copy of her book please do! I found a lot of her questions were similar to the AANP exam questions. Also, Maria Leik's intensive review book, Margaret Fitzgerald(the purple book) is also excellent and if you can a review course live. Also Amelie Hollier has great audio CDs and review books. I passed my boards since Sept and I still use them. Good luck!
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    Thank you for your recommendations.
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    Sure thing!
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    Did you also purchase the CD's for Margaret Fitzgerald? If so, how did you like them. I was considering buying them. I'm also looking at Fitzgeralds & Leik's books. Can you provide me some feedback on both..

    thank you