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  1. 0 Hello everyone! I am starting my last year of the BSN program, and planning to continue my education and apply to FNP programs for next fall. I am looking for good campus-based programs rather than online programs. I currently live in Los Angeles area but would like to move out to a smaller & less crowded place & I am willing to travel out-of-state to attend school. I am sure that there must be someone who attended a campus-based program & liked it a lot! Please share your positive experiences & recommendations of your school in your area/state! Any information & advice is highly appreciated.

    I know that many programs require applicants to have 1 year of work experience b/f applying, but I am looking for a program that does not have such a requirement because I do not have any official work experience besides clinical rotations & plan on working part-time while studying for the FNP. I want to work in primary care & really want to find a school that provides its students with all the necessary skills for this type of practice rather than with broad research & philosophical theoretical knowledge (but I guess that is included in the curricula of all the schools nowadays). Also, I am looking for a school that would be financially affordable. Thank you in advance!
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