Duke MSN Fall 2013 applicants

  1. I have applied to Duke's MSN Nursing Informatics for Fall 2013 and was expecting to hear something about an interview by now (but haven't). Has anyone else applied to this program? And if so, have you heard anything? It's driving me a little crazy
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  3. by   MrsBaze
    Hi there! I applied to the ABSN program at Duke for Fall 2013 and have been told that we won't hear anything until Jan. 30th. Maybe the MSN program is on the same schedule! Hang in there and good luck!!
  4. by   Sfm0516
    Thank you I did hear back from the admissions coordinator today who said that the faculty tend to be on different schedules, so it depends on who is reviewing my application. I feel better now!
  5. by   AVLR
    Hi. I applied for the post master's certificate for fall 2013 but I have not heard anything from Duke up until this time. I was told last year that the notice for interview may come on the first week of February but I still haven't heard from them. Has anyone received a notice for interview yet?