Does your ICU have Propofol?

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    I work in a Surgical ICU at a large urban teaching hospital that has been unable to obtain Propofol for probably 8 months.... Anyone else having this problem? We've certainly made-do with other medications, but it would be nice to know if the national shortage is over, and our hospital "forgot" to tell us.

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    I work in a community urban hospital with a 16 bed ICU. We've never had any issue with propofol shortage. Our patients who are in need of propofol for sedation are still receiving it without any shortage issues.
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    We were short of the 100cc botttles until about 8 weeks ago. We were using proceedural sedation bottles, 25cc, for around the clock sedation. I am amazed how often regular meds are "in short supply" in the last few years. We ran out of MSO4 for 3-4 weeks (all doses). When a doc wrote for MS- we gave Dilaudid as "theraputic exchange"