Does your ICU have Propofol?

  1. I work in a Surgical ICU at a large urban teaching hospital that has been unable to obtain Propofol for probably 8 months.... Anyone else having this problem? We've certainly made-do with other medications, but it would be nice to know if the national shortage is over, and our hospital "forgot" to tell us.

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  3. by   tenshiblue
    I work in a community urban hospital with a 16 bed ICU. We've never had any issue with propofol shortage. Our patients who are in need of propofol for sedation are still receiving it without any shortage issues.
  4. by   suanna
    We were short of the 100cc botttles until about 8 weeks ago. We were using proceedural sedation bottles, 25cc, for around the clock sedation. I am amazed how often regular meds are "in short supply" in the last few years. We ran out of MSO4 for 3-4 weeks (all doses). When a doc wrote for MS- we gave Dilaudid as "theraputic exchange"