Doctorate requirement driving people away? Anybody NOT happy about this?

  1. Two friends of mine have been working on getting into CRNA school for quite a while now.

    One was just accepted and will become a master's-level CRNA.

    The other one was close to being accepted but has now been told that her programs of interest have all become doctorate-level, so she has to restart the entire application process and some of her prerequisites (which they asked her to take, and which she spent thousands on) are no longer good. Also the program won't take any longer than it already does, 3 years, but will cram in 30 more credit hours and cost $30,000 more.

    For what?

    Friend #2, obviously, is reconsidering her choice. A well-experienced, very smart RN with ER and ICU experience is probably going to be lost from the field. And I doubt she's going to do bedside forever.

    I've thought about advanced practice. People have told me to do it. But I have a family. I just can't stomach the cost or the time.

    Who's behind this? I have my doubts that this is about better education and qualifications; I have a sinking suspicion that the extra classes are mostly fluff, research-oriented, or ensuring the academic establishment's existence.

    And how is this helping an already-shorted healthcare system?
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