1. Right after undergrad, I went back to school to become an ACNP. It has been 3 years and I am still an acute care/telemetry RN. So hard for me to transfer to Icu/CCU or even ER. this is my last semester before I start clinical, my advisor is telling me to think about doing part time or per diem during clinical. I am so scared that I am not prepare enough for my future role and end-up with "just a degree". I am so confused about what should be my next step. Look for a new job where I will have a chance to go for my calling "critical or trama/care". stop school I am allow to skip only one semester. Change Acute for primary. I am desperate, any advice is welcome.
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  3. by   labbio
    It is possible but difficult to go through a full-time NP program while working full-time. It would be beneficial to have ICU/ER experience for your specialty; however,I don't know if it is an absolute must. I do know people who are going through a specialized NP track without having experience in that field. For example, NP in women's health track with no experience in women health. Most of what you learn will be in clinical so try to absorb as much as you can during clinical to make-up for your lack of ICU/ER experience. And don't forget, you DO HAVE your med/surg experience. Good luck.
  4. by   practionner
    thanks a lot Labbio.