CRNA seeking advice on going back to medical school

  1. I have been a CRNA since 2004. My original plan was to go to medical school, but life got in the way after I finished my BSN in 1994. I went back to school and took my premed sciences at the end of which I had an over all GPA of 3.7. Life got complicated and after 7 years of working as a nurse and being a single parent, decided to go to a nurse anesthesia program, GRE score 1300 . I got a schorlarship and a Stipend, so I completed without any college debt. Having been a Crna for almost 8 years, I feel like we do most of the heavy lifting and barely get any credit for it. My desire to go to medical school is nagging at me again. I think my sciences have expired by now and I may need to retake them. I am definately older now, but I think I can handle it. Has anyone else gone through this and know how I should go about my career change?
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  3. by   Aniva
    I personally have not gone through this, nor do I plan on taking the same route. However, I do have a good friend who is walking the same path as you describe and she may consider going for her MD after getting her CRNA degree. Since some of the science classes have expired, there are a lot of things to consider. It's a lot of time, money, and stress. Based on your gpa and gre score, I'm sure you'll do well academically in class and on the MCAT. It's just a matter of how much you want this and if you're willing to "jump through the hoops" again . Which programs are you looking into? Perhaps it would be good to register for the prereqs again and MCAT review? When your near the application date, round up the letters of recs. If you're ready to take on the challenge again, take a deep breath and jump! Good luck!