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  1. 0 So I have been a nurse now for 3 years half of that time spent on the med/surg floor half that time in the split tele/ICU unit at my hospital. We are a small hospital with a 20 bed split unit. We don't get a whole lot of ICU patients I haven't taken a patient with a drip or vent in over 3 months. We do eventually get a CABG with a swan but I've only taken 3 of those patients over my career.
    I applied to a CRNA program and was actually an alternate for the program but unfortuantely everyone has paid their tuition and is going this year so bummer for me :-(
    Anyway I was thinking of applying again this year but if anyone out has any advise as to weather my lack of ICU experience will be a huge hurtle to overcome in school or if you think I will be able to make it through?
    Any suggestion would be very helpful.
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